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The support team Empty The support team

Post by [CCS]ItzGame on Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:09 pm


Title of support team in game
- Supporter


description of team
Support team is a team of Server Creators, Owner Admins and Admins that are in any way supporting and helping the work of the forum and servers.
This people have proven themselves to be responsible enough to be the ones you can ask for any kind of help.
The support team works on the principle of not taking anyone's side, which means, if you have been banned and you want to prove your innocence we will check your demo and according of what we see we will make a decision.

so if you:

- have been banned and want to prove your innocence
- suspect a member of the crew (vip/mod/admin) of hacking
- see that a member of the crew (vip/mod/admin) is not doing his/her job properly or not doing it at all
- see a member of the crew (vip/mod/admin) break the rules
- have a question about some topic,poll,tournament, etc...
- need to contact administrator for any other reason that you want to keep private from rest of the forum

you came to the right place !!!

Please note:
- keep everything simple
- Include all important information!
- Use complete sentences and punctuation!
- There may be an answer already to your question in the forum so please check first and then ask your question
- Do not ask stupid questions and waste our time, we are here to help you, not to chat with you about the weather outside etc...

how to join

As for now this team is only for Server Creators, and Owner Admins, after some time will accept other candidates. If you feel that you have what it takes to be in the Support Team please contact one of the members of the Support Team and your application will be discussed among us.

how to contact the Support team


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