Updated favorities.slist. (Classic COD Servers.)

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Updated favorities.slist. (Classic COD Servers.) Empty Updated favorities.slist. (Classic COD Servers.)

Post by [CCS]ItzGame on Fri Dec 20, 2013 3:10 pm

Good afternoon,

Most of you probably knows (and if you don't, learn it.) that the Master Server of the version of TeknoMW3 is currently offline, and no one can use the server list.

Since that means you can't browse servers with the usual server list, you will have to use your favorite or history list.
Luckly, both these lists are files stored on your Hard Drive and can be updated manualy without being in the game.

If you want to play on Classic COD Servers, follow these few steps :
1. Open your game folder.
2. Open the "dw" folder.
3. Download Classic COD Servers favorities.slist : Link 1 (Mediafire DownLoad.), Link 2 (ZippyShare DownLoad.).
4. Make a backup of your original file if you have other servers in it, rename it into "Favorities.old".
5. Open the "Favorities.rar" you've downloaded and drop the files in your "dw" folder.
6. Open your game and go in your "Favorite" list.
7. Pick up a server and connect on it.

Additional informations :

  • You might not see our servers, if it's the case, this thread being locked, expose your problem on that topic.

  • This list will be updated regularly, once a server is added or its IP changed, we will update it to give you the correct files.

  • If you think the file need to be updated, or if the links are dead, send a private message to [CCS]ItzGame or [CCS]MaGiKzZ .

Welcome on our servers and enjoy your stay.
Regards, Classic COD Servers staff.
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